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  • Snowboard Type: The Custom is an all mountain snowboard.
  • Rider level: Suitable for intermetiate to advanced riders.
  • Profile: Camber (Reverse rocker). This is raised inbetween the bindings to give you better edge hold and stabbility when riding fast on flats.
  • Shape: Directional/ twin. This board has a directional shape but equal flex in the nose and tail for a twin feel.
  • Pro-Tip on the nose and tail is slightly tapered to reduce swing weight which makes it easier to maneuver around.
  • Flexibility: Medium to aggressive board, rated 4 - 7.
  • Board construction:
  • Base: Sintered WFO. This is a high density base, which has wax infused deep into it.
  • Core: FSC certified Super Fly 700G, which is light weight but strong.
  • Dualzone EGD is a perpendicular wood grain at the toe and heel edge. This adds strength and control to your board.
  • Squeezebox, which is varied thickness in the core. Thinner sections give you more flex and transfers energy to the tip and tail of the board. This makes the board more snappy and easier to manipulate
  • Fiberglass: 45° fiberglass gives you a more agggressive ride. Plus carbon strands add life to the board whilst keeping weight down.
  • Edges: Frostbite edges extend beneath your bindings giving you superb edge to edge hold on hardpack and icy conditions.
  • Mounting: Channel mountain system which is quick and easly. This System gives you more flexibility when choosing your stance.
  • Compatible with most bindings on the current market, but not old 4X4 plate specific bindings.

Snowboard size guide

Length (cm)Nose Width (cm)Waist Width (cm) Tail Width (cm)Rider Weight (kg)
15429.1 25.0  29.1 54 - 82
15629.4 25.5  29.4  68 - 91 
15829.7 25.4  29.7  68 - 91
16230.025.6  30.0 82 - 118+


The Custom is an all mountain board which is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders who like to test their skills on all types of terrain. The Custom has a directional/ twin shape, this means that the nose is slightly elongated to give you extra float in powder, but the boards flex is like a twin. This symmetrical flex gives the board a twin feel and means that the nose and tail behave in the same way allowing to you ride switch and do laps in the park. The Custom has a classic camber profile which is when the board lifts up in the middle. This profile gives you better edge to edge control and improve the stability when riding fast in a straight line. If you’re a bit of a speed demon, then you will love the sintered WFO base. This is a tough base which has wax deeply embedded to give you extra speed on the snow. This base is highly durable but if more expensive to repair if you damage it. The SuperFly 700G core used keeps the board lightweight yet highly durable. It’s made up of different strengths of wood to keep the board poppy but strong. To add strength and increase your power throughout the board, the core uses DuelZone EGD which is the wood grain opposite either channel which is perpendicular to the core. This adds strength to the board, but the Custom still has lots of flex and pop thanks to the squeeze box shaping. The squeezebox is created by having various thicknesses throughout the length of the board. Thick pieces a stiff to drive power whilst the thinner sections are more flexible. The variation in the thickness helps you to manoeuvre the board around. To keep the weight down without effecting the performance the Custom has used carbon strands and a carbon sheet. The Carbon is quicker to respond to your movements, making your boarding more precise and giving you increased control. The 45° fiberglass reduces torsional twist and creates a stiffer board for a more aggressive ride. This construction is perfect if you enjoy a stiffer board for backcountry and big mountain riding. The conditions of the snow aren’t always perfect and from time to time you might have an icy day, Burton created the frost bite edge to tackles these issues. This edge extends beyond the bindings to give you more bite into hardpack snow and ice. The Custom is packed full of tech to improve you ride, but one thing that stands out is that Burton have create the infinite ride to give you the best riding experience from the first run. The Custom has already been broken in with a machine so you will have consistent flex from the day it comes out of the box. The Custom is a great all mountain board, it sits between medium and stiff but uses the squeezebox system to increase the flex and pop in the areas its needed. The base is going to be fast to get you over the flats and through the sticky snow. Plus, you can ride with confidence on the first day thanks to the combination of the frost bite edges and infinite ride process.

Snowboard Profile Camber
Snowboard Shape Directional Twin
Snowboard Size 161cm - 170cm
Snowboard Size 156cm - 160cm
Snowboard Size 151cm - 155cm
Snowboard Type All Mountain

Product Sizing Chart

Length (cm)
158cm Wide
162cm Wide

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