Burton Moto Snowboard Boots


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  • Burton Moto Snowboard Boots
  • Riding style All mountain, suited to all abilities.
  • Flex Soft, rated response 3.
  • Outer DynoLITE outsole which is both cushioned and light weight. This material is designed to withstand repeated impact and absorb shock in the coldest temperatures.
  • Shrinkage footprint reduction technology. This means that the overall size of the foot print is true to size, reducing toe drag
  • Soft flex tongue, this is a 3D mould that anatomical match with every half size change. It provides a better fit due to it wrapping around your shin without being too small or too big.
  • Liner NEW! Imprint 1+ liner, this is a heat moudlable liner that reduces heel lift. Plus it has an intergrated lacing.
  • Lacing Speedzone lacing system, which come with a lifetime warranty. These are quick and easy to use, just pull on each side individually to adjust your lower boot and upper boot.
  • Extras Total comfort construshion, gives you a broken in feel straight out of the box.
  • Snow-proof internal gusset, which helps to keep you warm and dry
  • Extras Total comfort construshion, gives you a broken in feel straight out of the box.
  • Fit Burton is a true to size fit. When standing straight in your boots, your toes will touch the end. As you bend into your stance, your heel settles back and your toes will slide backwards

The Moto is a great boot if youre looking for a soft flex boot, ideal for someone who is either learning or prefers a more forgiving feel. The moto is an all mountain boot as it combines comfort and support. The Moto uses improves fit, by adjusting the shell per half size and keeping the liner the same thickness. The lacing system on the boot is Speed Zone lacing, this is quick and easy to use even with your gloves on. The laces control two different zones on the boots individually, so you can really customise your fit. The New England ropes used on the Moto are indestructible and come with a life time warranty. The imprint 1+ liner is heat mouldable for the perfect fit, you can also ride in it for a few hours to get the same moulded fit. The Moto will keep your feet nice and toasty due to the underfoot foil sleeping bag liner, which reflects heat back into the boot. The Moto boot is a true all rounder which provides tones of comfort from day 1.
Lacing System Speed Laces

Product Sizing Chart

US Shoe Size (Mens/Kids/Uni) UK Shoe Size EUR Shoe Size Mondopoint
US 6 UK 5 EUR 38 240
US 7 UK 6 EUR 40 250
US 7.5 UK 6.5 EUR 40.5 255
US 8 UK 7 EUR 41 260
US 8.5 UK 7.5 EUR 41.5 265
US 9 UK 8 EUR 42 270
US 9.5 UK 8.5 EUR 42.5 275
US 10 UK 9 EUR 43 280
US 10.5 UK 9.5 EUR 43.5 285
US 11 UK 10 EUR 44 290
US 11.5 UK 10.5 EUR 44.5 295
US 12 UK 11 EUR 45 300
US 13 UK 12 EUR 46 310
US 14 UK 13 EUR 47 320
US 15 UK 14 EUR 48 330

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