Burton Skeleton Key Snowboard


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  • Snowboard Type: The Skeleton Key is an all mountain snowboard.
  • Rider level: Suitable for all level of riders.
  • Profile: Directional camber (Reverse rocker). This is raised inbetween the bindings to give you better edge hold but it set back slilghtly. Rocker at the nose which it extra lift.
  • Shape: Directional, with a 10mm taper in the tail
  • Pro-Tip on the nose and tail is slightly tapered to reduce swing weight which makes it easier to maneuver around.
  • Flexibility: Soft to Medium, rated 3 - 6.
  • This board has directional flex which gives you increased pop and power in the tail.
  • Board construction:
  • Base: Sintered WFO. This is a high density base, which has wax infused deep into it.
  • Core: FSC certified Super Fly 700G, which is light weight but strong.
  • Dualzone EGD is a perpendicular wood grain at the toe and heel edge. This adds strength and control to your board.
  • Squeezebox, which is varied thickness in the core. Thinner sections give you more flex and transfers energy to the tip and tail of the board.
  • Fiberglass: Triax fiber glas. This prevenets torsional flex but keeps the board soft.
  • Mounting: Channel mountain system which is quick and easly. This System gives you more flexibility when choosing your stance.
  • Compatible with most bindings on the current market, but not old 4X4 plate specific bindings.
  • ECO: The Skeleton Key uses Super Sap Epoxy which is bio based, this reduces the snowboards carbon footprint by 50%.
  • Art by: Doom.

 Snowboard size guide

Length (cm)Nose width (cm)Waist width (cm)Tail Width (cm)Rider Weight (kg)
 15430.2 25.629.2 54 - 82
 15830.5  25.829.5  68 - 91
 16231.1  26.230.1 82 - 118+


The Skeleton Key is a true directional snowboard that performs as an all mountain board. The directional shape and directional flex mean that the tail is shorter and the nose in longer, this shape gives you more pop in the back and lots of float in the front. The directional flex assists the pop in the tail and gives you control in the nose. The directional shape is created by a 10mm taper in the tail, this makes the nose wider. This nose will help to create smooth entry into turns whilst also increasing the float in the nose for gliding over powder. To further help with turns the Skeleton Key has Pro-Tips on the nose and tail, this tapered shape reduces the swing weight making it easier to turn on the snow and make rotations in the air. With a directional camber you have all the benefits of camber and rocker in one board. The camber is set back, which gives you increase stability at highspeed and improves your edge hold. The rocker at the nose gives its extra lift for when you’re in deep power and in need of a floaty feeling. The rocker makes it smoother to initiate turns and gives you a more forgiving ride. Never get left at the back of the group again thanks to the Sintered WFO base, this base is embedded deeply with wax, retains its well. This base is tough making it highly durable but slightly harder to maintain. The Skeleton Key has an FSC certified Super Fly II 700g core, this core is a blend of strong and soft wood which has been placed in specific areas to create pop and durability whilst keeping the weight down. To add strength to the board the Skeleton Key uses Dualzone EGD, which is additional wood grain along the toe and heel edge. This sits perpendicular to the core to create a consistent edge hold and increased strength. Throughout the length of the board the Squeezebox technique has been applied, this is various thicknesses of wood. The thicker sections are stiffer to transfer power to the nose and tail of the board, whilst thinner section increase the flex and pop. This Squeezebox designed creates a snappier board which is easier to manipulate when riding. The Skeleton key is a flexible board, however the Triax fiberglass reduces torsional twist making it a more responsive board overall. This board is packed with tech to give you a high performing all mountain board with a directional shape. The Skeleton Key uses an eco-friendly construction by adding SuperSap Epoxy which reduces the boards carbon footprint by 50%. So, you can ride the mountains knowing that you board isn’t causing as much damage on the environment.

Snowboard Profile Hybrid
Snowboard Profile Camber
Snowboard Shape Directional
Snowboard Size 151cm - 155cm
Snowboard Size 161cm - 170cm
Snowboard Size 156cm - 160cm
Snowboard Type All Mountain
Snowboard Type Freeride

Product Sizing Chart

Length (cm)

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