Burton Talent Scout Womens Snowboard


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  • Snowboard Type: The Talent Scout is an all mountain/ park snowboard.
  • Rider level: Suitable for intermetiate to advanced riders.
  • Profile: Camber (Reverse rocker). This is raised inbetween the bindings to give you better edge hold and stabbility when riding fast on flats.
  • Shape: Twin shape with twin flex which is equal in the nose and rail.
  • Pro-Tip on the nose and tail is slightly tapered to reduce swing weight which makes it easier to maneuver around.
  • Flexibility: Medium to aggressive board, rated 5 - 8.
  • Board construction:
  • Base: Sintered base, this base hold wax really well and is tough.
  • Core: FSC certified Super Fly 700G, which is light weight but strong.
  • Dualzone EGD is a perpendicular wood grain at the toe and heel edge. This adds strength and control to your board.
  • Off axix Squeezeboxx which is a varied thickness in the core which is angled to benifit a typical stance of a park rider. This gives the board a more natural flex and better grip on your edges.
  • Fiberglass: 30° Triax fiberglass. This prevenets torsional flex but keeps the board soft.
  • Edges: Frostbite edges extend beneath your bindings giving you superb edge to edge hold on hardpack and icy conditions. These edges are off axis which improves the ride for a park boarder.
  • Mounting: Channel mountain system which is quick and easly. This System gives you more flexibility when choosing your stance.
  • Compatible with most bindings on the current market, but not old 4X4 plate specific bindings.

Snowboard size guide

Length (cm)Nose Width (cm)Waist Width (cm) Tail Width (cm)Rider Weight (kg)
14627.924.027.954 - 82
14928.224.228.254 - 82
15228.624.528.668 - 91+ 


The Talent Scout is a women’s specific snowboard, ideal if you enjoy all mountain riding and park sessions. The Talent scout has a soft to medium flex, making it great to learn on or for someone who prefers a softer board. This board has a true twin shape so you can ride switch and the board will feel the same, but it’s also fun to use in the park and jib around on. The Talent Scout not only has a twin shape but also have a twin flex, this means that the nose and tail behave the same in either direction due to the symmetry. This board has Pro-tips at the nose and tail which are tapered to reduce swing weight, this is beneficial when learning as it makes it easier to turn and a its great for park as it helps with rotations in the air. The Talent Scout uses a classic camber shape which gives you quick edge to edge transitions and improves your stability when going down flats fast as the board has a high percentage of contact with the snow. The camber profile is a little harder to learn on and it’s not as forgiving as a rocker. The camber profile gives you a snappier board which is more responsive to your movements. The base on the women’s Talent Scout is sintered to give you extra glide over flats and boost your speed. A sintered base absorbs wax well and is highly durable, they are a little harder to maintain if damaged. The Talent Scout uses a Super Fly II 700G core which is lightweight yet durable. The wood is made up of different strengths which have been placed in specific areas to create a core which gives you pop and strength. Extra strength comes from wood grain placed perpendicular to the core along the heel and toe edge. This addition creates a consistent edge hold along the length of the board. The construction contains Triax fiberglass with a 45° angle which reduces torsional twist in the board but keeps the flex. The Talent Scout as a squeezebox design which is off-axis, the squeeze box is varied thickness throughout the board which creates thicker sections for stiffness and power whilst thinner sections add flex. The angle of the squeezebox mimics a park riders’ typical stance. The Talent Scout has superb grip on hardpack snow and ice thanks to frostbite edges, these jolt out from under your bindings to give you extra bite. These have been angled to mimic the position of a standard park stance, -15° and -15°. This board has gone through Burtons Infinite ride process which is a machine which compresses and breaks the board in. This gives you consistent flex from day 1. If you want a board which works well for all mountain and has lot of pop and flex for park laps this is the board for you. The off-axis squeezebox and edges optimised for park riders but still perform across multiple terrain. Whilst the sintered base is going to give you tons of speed in any conditions.

Snowboard Profile Camber
Snowboard Shape Twin
Snowboard Size 151cm - 155cm
Snowboard Size 146cm - 150cm
Snowboard Type All Mountain
Snowboard Type Freestyle

Product Sizing Chart

Length (cm)

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