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Item code: 333471

  • Outline: Bullet shaped fish template with parallel rails
  • Tail: Swallow Tail
  • Rocker: Medium tail with a bit of kick and a gradual medium curve through the nose
  • Concave: Singles with double to spiral out the back
  • Rails: 60/40 performance
  • Fin set up: 5 fin set up, quad for down the line stuff and thruster for more control on the face and rail to rail
  • Fins not included
  • FCS II fin box set up
  • Volume: Medium high. Leaning towards performance with enough float to catch waves whatever the conditions
  • Construction:
  • ESE: Using Superfused EPS Foam from US Blanks, due to the moulding process these blanks have a tighter fusion and cell structure. As a result the blanks takes less resin and have a tighter flex pattern compared to standard. These blanks are 25% lighter than standard blanks and feature flex properties to give you the best performance in the water
  • Resin Research Epoxy: Resin Research Epoxy is applied to the board in a heat controlled room. It's over 40% bio content, super strong, lightweight and bright. Using this method in the construction process is safer for the environment and boosts the performance of the board. To reduce the weight further this surfboard uses less resin per foot compared to a standard construction
  • Hexel S-Glass: Hexel S-glass fibre glass is used to laminate the board along with the epoxy resin. This glass is the strongest woven cloth available on the market, offering 4x more strength thanks standard cloths. Two layers of S-glass are applied to each side of the board. This fiberglass provides a great strength to weight ratio and gains flex recoil, unlike some EPS epoxy sandwich construction it isn't stiff or non flexing.
  • Who should ride this board? This is a great board for anyone. If you're a decent surfer this board provides a forgiving and effortless experience whilst being packed with performance at its core. This board is a great alternative to a shortboard for a up and coming surfer who wants to improve


LengthWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5'719 3/42 3/828.2
5'920   2  7/1630.3
5'1120 3/82  1/232.6
6'020 1/22 1/233.1
6'220 13/162  9/1635.6
6'421 1/82 5/838


The Rockstar is similar to the Belly Shank but with a fish treatment to create a board that opens up a wide and varied array of waves, suitable for average surfers who want a high-performance all-rounder. The Rockstar makes it easy to jump on waves and gives you a balance of speed and forgiveness.

The outline of the Rockstar looks like a fish, combining a wider nose with a pulled in swallow rail. However, when you look a little bit deeper its anything but ordinary. Parallel rails give the fish shape forward trajectory whilst a bullet like tail provides pivot when needed through turns. The nose is wide and has a fast curved to prevent bogging rails and easily makes big turns on weak waves. Medium rocker throughout with a slight kick in the tail keeps the board feeling lively.

The Rockstar gives you the great stability and control of a fish but with more sensitivity to improve the performance. This high-performance board allows you to shred alongside long boarders. Single concave gives the board lift and control whilst the rail shape is that of a performance shortboard. The Rockstar overall is a fast board that makes the most of any section, burns through weaker waves and makes it easier to catch waves ranging in size from knee height to overhead.

Fin Set Up Five Fin
Fin System FCS II
Surfboard Construction EPS Epoxy
Surfboard Tail Shape Swallow
Surfboard Types Shortboards
Fish Surfboards

Product Sizing Chart

Height (Feet)

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