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Item code: 152352

  • Rider ability: Intermediate to advance
  • Suitable Conditions: 2ft (waist high) - 6 ft (head high)
  • Construction: PU
  • Template: Shorter, wider and full of volume, the Pyzalien is has a super fun template that flourishes in smaller, weaker
  • Nose: The nose holds loads of width, which makes for super easy paddling and tremendous down the line speed
  • Tail: The wider square tails provides the board with great versatility as they can perform in both large and smaller surf
  • Rocker: A fairly flat rocker that will help you get into waves quicker and generate more speed
  • Rails: The Pyzalien has fuller rails that hold volume and offer a more forgiving ride when the waves are smaller
  • Fins: Futures
  • Carbon tail patches: Adds durability to the fin and tail area

The Pyzalien is the brain child of shaper Jon Pyzel and is quite possibly one of the most fun hybrid models in the world. It has the design and float of a stubby funboard with the performance of a shortboard.

The outline of the Pyzalien starts with a fuller nose which helps with paddle power and down the line speed. It also has a wider tail that helps with control and easier rail to rail transitional surfing. The full rails will offer a forgiving ride when the waves are slightly weaker and have less grunt. The deck of the board is flat which helps to distribute the additional foam and volume.

With the fuller outline, we would recommend ordering this board 3 - 4 inches shorter and ¼ - ½ inch wider than your regular shortboard.


Height Width Thickness Volume (Ltr)
5'6 18 1/2" 2 1/16" 23.60
5'7 18 5/8" 2 1/8" 25.0
5'8 18 3/4" 2 3/16" 26.20
5'9 19" 2 3/16" 27.10
5'10 19 1/4" 2 1/4" 28.60
5'11 19 3/8" 2 5/16" 30.00
6'0 19 1/2" 2 3/8" 31.30
6'1 19 3/4" 2 7/16" 32.90
6'2 20.0" 2 1/2" 34.70

Fin Set Up Thruster
Surfboard Construction Poly
Surfboard Tail Shape Squash
Surfboard Types Shortboards

Product Sizing Chart

Height (Feet)

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