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  • Ride Twinpig Snowboard
  • Rider Style All mountain/ park. Suited to advanced to intermediate riders.
  • Profile Rocker. The board is flat between your feet and lifts at the nose and the tail.
  • Shape True Twin. This board is symmetrical from the centre out to the nose and tail.
  • Flex Meellow/ soft response.
  • Construction
  • Base Extruded 1500 base. This base is low maintinacne and hold wax well.
  • Core Foundation core.
  • Fiber Glass Hybrid glass
  • Double impact plates, these plates are placed at your bindings to reduce compression of the board and damage through impact.
  • Sidewalls Slimewall through the board will reduces chateer.
  • Top Sheet Topless topsheet. This technique reduces the baords weight as its built into the fiberglass.
  • Edges Cleave Steel edge, this is resistant to cracking at extreme cold temperatures.
  • Sidecut Linear Quadratic sidecut
  • This board is designed to be used 3cm - 6cm shorter than usual

The TwinPig is the brother of the WarPig, only this board is specifically a park board. This TwinPig uses a softer flex and a twin shape so you can land switch and the board will behave the same. This boards profile is a rocker, making it a more catch free ride and easier to turn on. The base on this board is easy to maintain as its an extruded base, this board can take a heavy beating and you can still easily repair it. The use of double impact plates protects your board from heavy landings, reducing compression of the core. The TwinPig uses Slimewall through out the board, this reduces chatter for when your either speeding down the slopes or in the run up to a big kicker. This board will remain stable and dulled vibrations. This board is designed to be ridden 3cm 6cm shorter than usually, giving you more freedom of movement and faster spins. As a freestyle board, Ride has kept it nice and light by removing the top sheet layer and combining it with the fiberglass.


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Snowboard Profile Rocker
Snowboard Profile Flat
Snowboard Shape Twin
Snowboard Size 156cm - 160cm
Snowboard Size 146cm - 150cm
Snowboard Size 151cm - 155cm
Snowboard Type All Mountain
Snowboard Type Freestyle
Snowboard Type Jib

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