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Item code: 281273

  • Construction: Softboard, built around a 100% waterproof EPS foam core with two stringers
  • Original Series: Taking over from the old Funboard model, the Roller belongs to Softech's Original Series, designed to help beginners learn the fundamentals
  • Outline: Classic mal or minimal shape – stable, highly forgiving, and easy to paddle and catch waves on
  • Built-In Carry Handle: Strategically placed off-centre for maximum carrying convenience, and invaluable for long walks to and from the beach
  • Fin System: VFS, which stands for Varial Fin System, was developed by Softech and is used in all boards in the Original Series
  • Fin Set-Up: Thruster (i.e. tri-fin)
  • Fins Included: Soft, flexible fins – a safer option than stiffer hard fins
  • Suitable Conditions: Any beginner-style wave, and up to around head height
  • Rider Ability: A quintessential beginner surfboard, suitable for all levels

The Roller, which used to go by the name of the Original Funboard, is Softech’s flagship beginner board or “mini-mal”. It's a perennial crowd-pleaser, and the best way to make sure your surfing journey gets off to the right start.

Perfectly tailored to the needs of the beginner, the Roller is defined by its high surface area and volume, which equate to excellent float and stability. These are key features of any beginner board, making it easier not only to ride waves but also to catch them in the first place (a crucial aspect of progression, not to mention of having fun, but often overlooked).

Featuring a soft outer shell on the deck and rails, and a harder (but still relatively soft) underside made from high-density expanded polystyrene, the construction provides a degree of cushioning if your board ends up bashing you or someone else. Especially in the rough and tumble of thick summer crowds, it’s a safer option for everyone.

It’s soft, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tough – the EPS foam used in the core is fully waterproof and bolstered by not one but two stringers. As always with Softech, the materials and craftsmanship are first-rate. The built-in carry handle makes lugging a heavy board down to the beach a far less daunting prospect, and a far more comfortable experience.

A high-volume soft-top surfboard remains the best sort of beginner board – the safest, the most economical, the most fun, the sort that will help you progress fastest. Basically, if you want a surfboard that’s relatively forgiving, and allows you to build confidence, catch heaps of waves, and stay out in the water for longer, you can’t go wrong with the Roller.

It would make a perfect first surfboard. If you’ve had a few lessons and now want a board of your own, and even if you’ve never stepped foot on a surfboard before, we’d highly recommend it. Foam (i.e. volume) is generally your friend, and while you don’t want a board so big that it’s unwieldy and difficult to control, it’s usually best to err on the larger side.


LengthWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
6'0"21 1/4"2 3/4"54
6'6"22 1/5"3"61
7'0"22 1/4"3 1/8"66
7'6"22 1/4"3 1/7"72
8'0"22 1/4"3 1/4"94
8'4"24"3 1/2"103
9'0"24"3 1/2"112

Fin Set Up Thruster
Surfboard Construction Softboard
Surfboard Tail Shape Square
Surfboard Types Beginner Surfboards
Foam Boards
Mini Mals

Product Sizing Chart

Height (Feet)

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