Women's Ski Gloves

When on the slopes, it is important we have the correct protection. Not only do ski gloves protect you from the biting, cold conditions, but they can determine the strength of grip you have on your poles as you propel down the hills. And naturally, if you are new to skiing, your hands will be no stranger to the soft but savage white snow due to regular slips and tumbles (Hey, it's all part of the fun, right?) Now, gloves or mittens? This is completely down to personal preference. Our array of Ski Gloves are warm, comfortable, and provide maximum movement (due to having all five fingers free). Mittens are plush and snuggly and are ideal for hands that are extra sensitive to the cold due to their all-in-one design and ultra-insulating padding. Hosting a range of protective qualities such as waterproofing, adjustable cuffs, and goggle wipes, each of our Women's Ski Gloves is designed to seal out the outside environment and help to build and retain warmth inside, making them an essential part of your snowsport assemble.

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