Autmn/Winter Essentials - Merino Wool

Merino Wool. Your Autmn / winter essentials. 


Made from the worlds most ancient and toughest breeds of sheep, Merino wool was born. The ultimate winter essential, that will transition with you throughout the seasons. Both lightweight and breathable in the summer, but also extremely insulated for when the cold weather arrives! It’s safe to say winter has landed, so here’s a little run down to why Merino wool is such an essential addition to your winter wardrobe, along with some of our favourite products this season!

What’s the difference between Merino Wool, Traditional and Synthetic?

Traditional Wool: Thick fibres make it warm but heavy, itchy and slow to dry

Synthetic: Plastic fibres make it lightweight and fast-drying, but clammy, stinky and highly flammable.

Merino: Thin, natural fibres make it warm in the cold weather, cool in the warm weather, light, breathable, easy-care, no stink and no itch. Not forgetting it’s renewable and biodegradable, because it’s made from grass and water, rather than petrochemicals.

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Here’s some of our favourite items at Surfdome this season:

Icebreaker Merino wool top base layer 

1.Men’s Icebreaker Top Base Layer

Icebreaker Merino Wool legging

2.Men’s Icebreaker Thermal Leggings 


3. Men’s Icebreaker Anatomica Thermal Boxers 

Icebreaker Merino wool socks

 4. Men’s Icebreaker Walking Thermal Socks

Icebreaker Merino wool top

5. Men’s Icebreaker Extended Cuffs Thermal Base Layer

Icebreaker Merino Slim Fit Legging

6. Men’s Icebreaker Slim Fit Thermal Leggings

Icebreaker women Merino wool top

7. Women’s Icebreaker Everyday Thermal Crewe

Icebreaker Merino Wool leggins

8. Women’s Icebreaker Everyday Thermal Leggings

Mons Royale Merino Tech Hooded Base Layer

9. Mons Royale Merino Tech Hooded Base Layer

Mons Royale Short Sleeve Merino Wool t-shirt

10. Mons Royale Mtn X Thermal Base Layer

Mons Royal Merino Socks

11. Mons Royale Men’s Merino Sock

Mons Royale Women Merino Socks12. Mons Royal Women’s Merino Sock

Mons Royale Merino Hat

13. Mons Royale Unisex  Merino Beanie

Mons Royal Top Merino Wool

14. Mons Royale Women’s Cornice Half Zip

Mons Royale Women's Merino Leggings

15. Mons Royale Women’s Christy Merino Leggings

Also, feel free to explore the full Merino Wool and technical range from both brands by clicking on the following links: Icebreaker & Mons Royale. Read more about ethical wool


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